Wanting to get geese from Ideal in 2021. Is that a good idea?

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Aug 7, 2020
I'm wanting to get brown Chinese Geese from Ideal Poultry next year. Would that be a good idea, and are Ideal's geese aggressive? (I'm rather new to geese, so I'd like to know as much as possible before buying any.)
Geese are geese, the best you can do is look at reviews from particular hatcheries over health concerns, from what I’m aware of I’m not sure most hatcheries breed for exact character traits so health is the only thing you can try for.

Certain breeds are said to be more gentle than others, I’m not expierienced with all breeds so I can’t really say for sure one breed is more docile than another and geese are highly individualistic anyway so there’s sure no guarantee you’ll get as described.
Overall many say buffs are very kind, I do have buffs and I’d say that’s mostly true, I also have French Toulouse from Metzer and some are very docile, others can be stink weeds so that goes with what I said about geese being very individualistic. I’ve never raised Africans so I can’t say what they’re like unfortunately.

Regardless of breed the best way to ensure a goose is nice to you is to raise them like any pet, the more time spent with them the more they’ll like you. If you’re only around them part time they’ll see you as the bringer of food but not necessarily respect you.
Geese do get hormonal in winter through spring, they can’t help it. Ganders will get more aggressive and protective of their mate or flock, with mine that I raised and spend a lot of time with they aren’t aggressive towards me, though I would describe them as touchy and more reactive, they do get really protective of me being a member of the flock in their eyes though so other animals and humans approaching me they do NOT approve of.
From what I’ve seen with my geese true strangers, people they’ve never seen before, geese fear and avoid. People they know but don’t have a good relationship with are more likely to be attacked in breeding season as potential rivals.

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