Wanting to hear from anyone who has experience with lash eggs!

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    Mar 9, 2016
    I posted a few days ago in the egg section thinking I just had a weird egg. It turns out it was probably a lash egg laid by an almost 7 month old leghorn. She was laying an egg a day. Then one day she didn't lay and the next this weird thing came out. She has not laid since. It was suggested that I separate her, but because she is so flightly I'm afraid she'll beat herself up in the small cage/pen that I have. So I have been giving all four chickens an evening meal of yogurt, garlic and fresh grated turmeric. The idea being to boost the immune system. I researched lash egg/salpingitis and read all I could find. From the description by a poultry vet this looked more like something from a viral infection rather than bacterial (of course that's just my guess). Her poop is ok now, though I believe it was runny the other day. She had a tiny bit of poop clinging to her bottom. Her nostrils may have a little bit of stuff in them.
    She does not seem obviously ill, eating, running around. When I picked her up she did seem less "consistent" and lighter than previously.

    So, my question is- has anyone had a chicken recover and lay eggs again after laying a lash egg? What did you do? Or did things precipitate and the whole flock go down.

    Welcome any thoughts.

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