Wanting to time out hatch for daughter's b-day


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Feb 14, 2009
I bought a Hova-Bator Genesis 1588 a couple months ago and have been studying up on hatching and read the Hatching 101 page here. I am wanting to hatch out some eggs from my own chickens and time them out to be in the midst of hatching on my daughter's birthday on March 8th. I want to know if 21 days is when pipping begins or if that is when they should be all the way out if I carefully follow all the recommendations in Hatching 101? I'm hoping they'll be somewhere in the process of actually coming out of their shells, since we'll have a lot of kids here for the b-day party, I think that would be super cool if they could get to see that. :) I would start the 'bator up on Feb. 16th, correct? I expect to have at least 40 eggs to set, so although it is my first hatch, hopefully my odds will be good.


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Nov 23, 2010
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March 8 is a Tuesday so yes, set them Tuesday the 16th.
Since this is the first time with the incubator you won't know if it runs a little hot or cold. I would set them in the morning.

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