Warmer States - How do you store your eggs before incubating them...


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Mar 2, 2009
I know it is recommended to store hatching eggs at 55 - 65 degrees... and so I've been brainstorming on how I can make this happen at home. We are in Central Texas... temps here are in the high 90's already... with the A/C on we keep our house is a comfortable 76 to 78 degrees. I know there are lots of peeps in warmer states hatching eggs... I'm wondering how do you store them prior to going into the incubator. Please help!
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Well when i lived with my ex, I stored them in his wine cooler
Wine wasn't supposed to be kept at refrigerated temps for storage. I guess you could take the temps in your fridge and see if an area is warmer than another and use that?
My husband rigged up an old kegerator for me. He put in shelves, sealed off the hole on top where the tower was and turning the dial to the warmest position it holds at 58 degrees.
I keep the wine fridge at 55 degrees...so out with the keg, and in with the egg?
I read that ideally a wine fridge will run at 55 degrees temp with 50 - 70 % humidity levels. Of course, I don't have a keg or wine cooler... so I would have to go buy one... hmmmm... it is a thought though and a bit more practical than adding a basement
- though a basement would be nice!
You can find the little countertop wine fridges on CL pretty easy. The smaller ones hold 12 bottles--perfect for a batch of eggies.
LareePQG... I really do appreciate your help (again and again!) you are so awesome... I will check CL right now... great suggestion!

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