warning about using old sheets as bedding with ducklings...


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Mar 10, 2008
central VA
I'm a newbie, and this is my first post here, but I've been reading for about 2 weeks.

I have 2 week old blue swedes-- they are a mess, and stink to high-Heavens:lol: Anyhow, I found here the suggestion to use old sheets as bedding for ducklings-- They really like it, but just a few minutes ago, I went in, and found that my little guy, Ducky Lucky had been picking at a string on the sheet, and got it tangled around his tounge! I did the best I could, but my son and I couldn't see where it went around. I wound up having to clip the string as close as I could. I hope it will go ahead and unravel and fall off. I'm also hoping that it doesn't cut the circulation and cause part of his tounge to fall off-- If so, I think he will prolly go through life ok with part of his tounge missing.

Just wanted to warn those using this type of bedding to make sure it's free of loose strings.
Hello and welcome!
Thanks for the warning.
There is certainly a risk to your little duckling's tongue if the string remains in place. Can you have one person hold him and open his bill and the other one look in the mouth with a flashlight? Especially if the string is at the base of the tongue I would try to get him to the vet to get it off if you can.
it's at the tip of his tounge-- I had my son hold his body still, and his bill open while I worked on him. He's eating and drinking-- so I hope he'll be ok.

Taking him to a vet isn't an option.

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