WARNING: stupid dog rant


Poultry In Motion
10 Years
Sep 16, 2009
Dover, TN
Sorry, that should read 'stupid owner' rant.

Every day this old guy walks his dog around our block. Every day! Every day that stupid chuhuahua or however it is spelled is off leash. Every day! Every day that stupid dog takes a dump in someone else's yard....often times mine. EVERY DAY! The old guy always carried a bag but never, ever cleans it up. Today I just snapped when I saw it pooping in my front yard (again) with the owner passively looking on (again). I flew open my door and started yelling for it to GET! The guy jumps then waves his plastic bag like a white flag saying "Its OK! I have a bag!" He squats down with a tissue, picks up the poo...and that stupid nasty little dog went and pooped (again) in the neighbor's yard.

I swear to God the next time that dog comes by I am opening my front door and letting my dogs at him. They go NUTS every time the see him in our yard.


Queen Of Clueless
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Jul 27, 2008
We have a situation somewhat similiar.

I want to go live out in the middle of 1,000 acres or something.


Global Menace
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Mar 20, 2009
N. Chesterfield, Virginia
When we were children, we lived in a townhouse development, with tiny front yards. One guy in the neighborhood used to walk his dog around, and it would poop wherever it felt like it - frequently in the yard of the the lovely Asian lady across from us.

One day, she'd had enough. As the dog squatted on her lawn, she opened her door, walked out on the porch and announced "In my country, we would EAT that animal!"

Never had a problem with the dog after that . . .


Rest in Peace 1956-2011
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Aug 25, 2008
Time to stop yelling at the dog and have a direct talk with the owner. If there's an HOA or some other authority around, notify them. What are the leash laws in your area? Call and report what days, what time he's out there. Take pics and document every word. When you talk to him, have a notepad or a recorder in hand. Tell the neighbors exactly what's up, so they will be aware, too.

Don't turn your dogs loose- he will complain of feeling "threatened". Calm, patience and meticulous documentation always trump temper. Good luck!

Chicken Fruit

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Feb 25, 2009
Echo Homestead
Put your dogs on a line that reaches the very edge of your property. Dont let them loose or you'll have a law suit!

Personally, I find it works better to collect the poo myself and deposit it back on said neighbors own yard, where it belongs. Or better yet, hand deliver it and some pictures of the offending moment to the door. And just...keep...repeating.

I have a lot of time on my hands, and a deep hatred for self absorbed thoughtless people, though.

seismic wonder2

I got mad ninja skills
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Feb 3, 2007
san diego ca
I feel ur pain. I don't care for dogs and I HATE dog owners. {at least the ones around here}
You can have a stack of baggs in your hand BUT IF YOU DON'T USE THEM WHAT'S THE POINT????????

Used to be a BIG dog that would crap in my yard, until I camped out on the roof with the hose. Nearly drowned them both.

Now they use the OTHER side of the street.

Ihova Witnesses don't visit anymore either...

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