Warren Michigan- scared to get chickens!!


6 Years
Aug 1, 2013
We live in Warren Michigan in a residential area. Our backyard is not huge but we are on a corner lot so our lot is a little bigger than others I suppose. Ever since I heard about urban farming and backyard chickens we have been researching. We have realized that Michigan State law gives us the right to farm. However, since the city of Warren is clearly misinformed us about what our rights are and led us to believe we would be fined and panelized for "breaking the law". We want to start raising backyard chickens but are afraid of the penalty and cost of defending ourselves in the event of a conflict with our city. We are not yet in a position to "stand up for our rights" financially. Fear of fines is our biggest hesitation in getting started in urban farming.

I'm hoping someone with more experience in the city of warren can shed some light on the situation... What are the steps taken to prosecute someone illegally raising chickens in a residential area? And What steps are needed to defend our Rights? I would really appreciate any advice or guidance offered. Thank you in advance.

I'm frustrated, because everything I read validates my rights and everyone I call threw the city ensures me that I have no right to farm( at least when it comes to chickens) in warren.
I've seen chicken in people's yards in warren.Matter of fact i heard a rooster crowing in the morning just last week as i was working in warren.Now i'am not really sure if it's legal to keep them there.

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