Was it so wrong?


10 Years
May 24, 2009
Temperance, MI
Last week DH and I took two of our grand-girls to the zoo. They are 3 and 4 1/2 years old. The zoo has a extraordinary garden which had many things going to seed..... so Grandma pinched a few here and there. Now we had told the girls not to touch so I was kind of doing it sneakily. The oldest girl said very loudly "Grandma what did you pick"
oops cought. Hush I said I wasn't picking anything, just picking off a beetle ( we need a red in the face smilie here )
Hey - no harm done!! We took hollyhock seeds in a graveyard in France and only afterwards saw the sign that asked you not to take any!! That was 4 years ago and the plants are still growing!!
I'd have done the same thing.
My father and I both garden. When I was just a teen, we once went and liberated a whole bunch of wild roses in an area that had just been sold for a housing development. It was just in time--the VERY NEXT DAY, in came the bulldozers and levelled the ground. Thirty years later, those roses still bloom at our old house. (We moved away from there years ago).
It wasn't wrong! I do it all the time.

And Soccer Mom, I love the story about the wild roses.

Earlier this week, my husband was clearing some land. He called me over to the backhoe and asked me if I wanted any of the young pine trees he was about to dig up. He knows me so well! So, I've replanted 6 pines, 5 cedars, and 1 gorgeous holly tree this week. Most are as tall as I am. They are all looking good, and rain is in the forecast tonight.


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