Wash or not wash? Dirty eggs?


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One of the eggs I got from the farmer has some dried yellow stuff on it (maybe like an egg yolk)
Do I leave it on the egg when I put it in the incubator? I am new at this.
I have heard different things on washing eggs before incubating them?
In general, it is recommended that you NOT wash eggs before incubation. You can try lightly scrubbing it off with a dry scrubber sponge, but that egg shell may be cracked. Candle it and see if you see cracks in it.
Yeah I was my eggs before I incubate them. I haven't had any problems by doing this. I usually put them in luke warm water for a minute or two and then wipe them off then let them dry on a towel on counter.
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A.T. Hagan :

I wash and sanitize ALL of my hatching eggs.

Most of the eggs hatched in incubators on this planet are washed.

How do you wash and sanitize the eggs??​
I've never had a problem washing some of the gunk off eggs before, just be careful with them!
How do you wash and sanitize the eggs??

I put them in a basket then pour hot soapy water over them. About twenty degrees warmer than the eggs but not so hot as to be uncomfortable. Then wash them clean under warm running water. Drain in a colander or basket. When they're clean I dip them all into a big bowl of warm water to which I've added a bit of plain laundry bleach at one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. Soak for one minute then pull them out and allow to air dry. They're ready for the incubator now.

This does not necessarily guarantee you a better hatch rate. But it does cut down on the bacterial load you are introducing into your incubator. I've been very fortunate that I've never had a stink bomb (rotten egg) in my box so far.

Candle at a week to ten days then at least once more when the time comes to put them in the hatching trays.
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I use Brinsea egg wash as per instructions. It's a bit pricey but since it is concentrated it goes a long ways. It also works to clean your bator and any baskets trays and bins between hatches. I increased my hatch rate with it and never have "stink bombs" good hatching!
This is too funny, back a few years ago when I was learning about incubating, I never read ONE post that recommended washing hatching eggs. Everyone said not to wash off the natural bloom. I've never washed an egg for hatching, and I've never had a "stink bomb" either...I guess it's all personal preference...

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