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6 Years
Aug 13, 2013
One of my 6 week old pullets, an EE, has a bad habit. She stands at the hanging feeder and continously whips her head back and forth through the feed slinging it out of the feeder. Then she stands and scratches, repeat etc.... I haven't noticed this behavior in the other 11 pullets. I recognize that most of the spilled feed will eventually be consumed but this is definitely creating some waste.

Other than culling the EE (it crossed my mind I will admit haha) any suggestions on changing this behavior?
Wire or netting from the feeder to the lip. I had one that did that, I have a rectangle wall mounted feeder and placed some 1" chicken wire over the opening for the food for a week. When their beak hits the wire it can't go any further so they stop. They can still peck at the food threw the wire this just retrains them. Think pint chick feeder for the max size holes for them to eat threw. By weeks end they will be used to it and you can take the wire off without fear.
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