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May 21, 2010
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I'm going to install a nipple style waterer and I want to put it outside. My question is do I need water inside the coop for when they're locked up at night? It would be much cleaner to just have the water outside so they can gulp it down during the day. Any thoughts???
I have 1 week old chicks, so I am not an expert...but I know that my chicks have access to water all the time in their brooder and I started out with a gallon size waterer and switched to the chicken nipples that I literally drilled the right size holes for in Ziploc containers and used a coathanger for a hanger, bucket style to hang above just in easy reach. They took to it like old pros as soon as 1 drank from it...it was like the domino effect. I plan to install an auto waterer with the nipples in both the inside of the coop and on the outside of the run. I love them and with the ziploc containers (jar like w/screw on lids) it is easy to see when they are low on water. I have 13 chicks and 3 waters. GL...and after all of that...IMHO...I vote for water all the time all accessible!
I don't know the answer either. Our pullets are three months old. We have the waterer and feeder inside the coop.The girls run from the coop to the run all day long. I don't really think it matters to them where the water might be. Some folks put water inside and outside.
I don't lock them in at night for most of the year and my run is fully enclosed and protected so I just have my waterer and feeder outside. Come winter time, when I do shut the door to the coop at night to cut down on the draft, I put a second small waterer and feeder inside just in case they need a night snack and they are locked in!
i have always believed that any animal should have access to water at all times. so i have a water in and outside the coop. dehydration can happen any time there is a lack of water and during hot nights in a coop chickens will need it first thing in the morning whether you are an early riser or not!
I'm with Chickie's Moma.... I have a small waterer inside at night just in case and usually in the a.m. the level is definitely lower, so I know they sometimes drink at night.
I've had mine for about 3 years now. I started with the water inside and out. I think with younger birds it is more important, too. But since last winter, I've only had water outside. They go in at dark and I try to let them out at sunrise, or shortly there after. They all come out and head to the water, but I've seen no adverse effects. With the heat of summer, I'll have to watch it more, but I think they get used to it. I'd like to get or make an automatic door opener for them. Solve that problem and be easier than a waterer.
There will be times when they will be inside all day due to bad weather, so they will need water inside. I have inside water and outside water. They use both. Just makes me feel like I have them covered.

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