Water your Chickens, Ducks, Poultry & Rabbits Automatically!

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    Are you tired of changing your chicken's fouled water dishes? Like a lot of folks these days, we enjoy keeping chickens! We started out with a few laying birds in a single pen, but as our "flock" increased, we discovered that we were spending a significant amount of time and effort keeping the water dishes clean and full. . .. especially in summer when we watered twice a day! Like most folks, we bought a bunch of small commercial waters and found that they were susceptible to dirt, usually didn't hold much water, and were easily broken. Much like what you're doing now, we set out to find a better solution! Our simple and affordable automatic watering systems help save you time and keep your flock's water clean and healthy! We have several models to choose from and a video of our watering system in action. One system can supply one, two or even multiple pens simultaneously, and the cups or nipples can be easily used by chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, quail and even rabbits! Please come by and check us out, you'll be happy you did! http://www.autowaterkit.com
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    These water kits are far the best thing since sliced bread ! We have ordered 2 kits and cannot wait to get them. We know, our customers will love them too!! If you raise poultry; these Auto water kits are A MUST have..They will also work great with the nipples for Rabbits.

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