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"Waterbugs" or Oriental Roaches

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Cab the Mane, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Cab the Mane

    Cab the Mane In the Brooder

    Jun 16, 2011
    These vile creatures occasionally get into the houses of this neighborhood through sewer-travel. The local ones are especially diabolical, because they seem immune to every kind of poison I've ever seen tried on them... Sometimes the females can shrug off Raid so fast its like they only stopped to get your hopes up. in a house filled with hundreds, a roach hotel will only successfully kill between 3 and 10 of the insects.

    My great uncle used to call them Sinbugs, because the more you left your place unclean, the more they would rise out of the sewer like the devil himself... then when you try to take the warpath against them, all you do is arm them to kill your pets!

    The downside? That doesn't stop everyone under the sun from trying to poison them instead of cleaning up their houses! Fortunately we have kept the home clean... but I bet the smell of nearby chicken food will draw at least a few up. Since they live for a year, any large specimen is usually overflowing with pesticides in his body. Pet dogs that eat them have to be taken to the vet to get their gut pumped... in other words, even a few could be a BIG problem for pets.

    Now, they hate dry areas and are very clumsy and incapable of flight, so they don't go outside. As such, the chickens will be safe from these toxic snacks out there. My question is, if I put them in a kiddy pool in a spare room of the house while I go clean their brooder, do I need to worry about them getting out and stumbling upon one of these fatal morsels? I've read all across the internet that chickens avoid dangerous food by instinct, but these creatures are only dangerous because they've been munching pesticide dust like its some premium mexican powder... What should I do to protect the little chickies while I clean their brooder?

    I was also wondering if there's someplace that would want a specimen of these, since the creature is otherwise known to fall easily to poisons and pesticides, but these ones have changed from those days.... that's for sure.

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