Waterer outside?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
My chicks stay locked up in the hen house from 8pm to 8am. I moved the waterer outside because I didn't want it to spill inside. I'm trying the DLM and want to keep it dry. When I let the chicks out today they made a beeline for the waterer and drank like I never saw them drink before. The chicks are 10 weeks old and it's not hot here at all. Is this OK?
I'm using DL method also and I have the bulk of my water outside BUT I have a 1 gallon can inside. I just have it sitting on blocks so it's keeps it cleaner.

I'd never leave them with out water.. ever...
yeah, I have an automatic dog waterer outside for them during the day, but also keep a small 1 gallon inside. I have it on top of two square patio blocks to keep it above shavings....
Like the previous posts, I also use the DLM and keep a waterer on a cement block inside of the coop. I haven't noticed a problem with wet litter around the waterer. I agree with MIKE555444 though: the chickens should always have access to water--egg laying is a thirst-inducing business!
Put an old tray or baking sheet under it, helps contain the spills. I have also used plastic plant saucers for a tray.

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