Waterfowl Anyone??


7 Years
Aug 24, 2012
Central WI.
Okay, so I'm into going for long walks along the river. And have been working on my Waterfowl ID skills. I wanted to know, do any of you have any good waterfowl Photos, or even art, you'd like to share? Because I never get sick of seeing Waterfowl Pics/art! I guess I'll start by Sharing some of mine. (My Camera isn't the greatest at distances, but I make it work, and sometimes I am greatly surprised and overjoyed with the results!!)
Common Goldeneye.

Greater Scaup

Pied Billed Grebe

Bufflehead, Scaup, and what could be either a possible Ruddy Duck or a Female Scaup.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose. (the only birds that I can seem to get close enough to to get a nice picture.)

(and One more from me for today) : A Horned Grebe.

So, do you mind sharing your Waterfowl Photos and Art? ;)

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