Watering eye..... frothy white in eye..


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today i noticed one of my two Easter egg layers eyes is all frothy, like it has spit in it....so i took her inside i wiped the eye, put some neosporin in it just in case, her comb has some dis coloring on the tips? is this a sign of anything?.....below are some photos ..
the last few days have been chilly, but we still have not had our first frost.......

Thank You
Wesley Tyler
Myrtle Beach SC

after i wiped the eye

see more of our chicken photos https://picasaweb.google.com/101980683809804514453/ChickensAtSwash?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCP2Ymem7q_qEvAE&feat=directlink
Bubbly eyes are usually an indication of a respiratory disease. Take a look at Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG) in this link:
If there is a foul odor about the head area, it could be Infectious Coryza. Another possibility is Infectious Bronchitis (IB.)
There are different strains with these diseases in which the severity and symptoms may vary. Treatments are listed except for IB.
As far as her comb goes, it appears to be favus. Miconazole cream from a Monostat box will treat favus.
You're gonna want to start her on Tylan 50 ASAP. You can pick it up at any TSC. I like to inject it into the breast muscle rotating locations with every injection. You're gonna inject 0.5cc for 3-5 days. If you go into the breast make sure to always aspirate before injection and also just go barely into the muscle so not to go through the muscle and into any vital organs. Some people even give it subq on the back if that's more up your alley. I like to use a 3cc syringe with a 22 gauge needle. Good luck and keep an eye on your other birds!!!!
Hey Y'all

Thanks so much for taking the time for your reply! We are soooo worried and freaked out over this, i keep thinking about all the horror stories ive read about people losing the flock over something that started like this......
I have a vet friend and they have given me Enrofloxacin, i see this was banned on chickens in 2005 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrofloxacin is this safe to use? i can go to a TSC tomorrow for Tylan ?

So this is our first mishap, whats the deal, are eggs not to be eaten for how long?

Follow up we used Tylan 50 and kept her inside for a week on Tylan 50 then a week to make sure. she is fine and back with the rest of the flock, and we have had no more problems! thanks to the great help i got here!

Thanks Wes

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I would take everyones advice here, but dont panic just yet.

A few weeks back one of my girls started frothing in one eye and the tissue all around it became swollen. I gave her antihistamine drops in her eye every day 2 times a day and the froth cleared up, the swelling went away too. I think she may have gotten poked in the eye with some straw or something. It looked almost the same as what you have there.

Deffinately do what Dawg suggests, just in case, and make sure she gets lots of water and plenty of good food. Separate, monitor and medicate as needed.

Good luck!
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