Watering systems - nipple drinkers?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Bantam Chase, May 19, 2013.

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    My chickens use a 5 gallon bucket with nipples for the water, and I am sooooooooo spoiled. No grungy water, it lasts them a week, easy to heat in the winter, I could go on and on with how much I love chicken nipples. That being said - my turkeys are using a traditional poultry waterer, which they either spill or tramp though on a daily basis. I have to carry water out to the pen, PLUS my tom is mean (aka - thanksgiving dinner), so the less I go into the coop and carry water, the happier I am.

    Has anyone used the chicken nipples for their turkeys? I've always seen drinker 'bells', never the nipples for them. There's also the option of getting a bell drinker, and doing some fancy plumbing to a 5 gal bucket, but I"m concerned there would not be enough water pressure.

    I'd love everyone's thoughts - and pictures are awesome!
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    i built a gutter system. I have a 6 ft long peice of pvc gutter. i then attached a low profile toilet fill valve to this - the level of the float opens or closes the valve... to this valve i attach my hose. When the chickens water level is low - auto refill! it works great in the summer. in the winter - not so much... i use the poultry waterers with heat tape and some insulators i made to keep the water flowing.

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