watery diarrhea help


Oct 16, 2018
My 2 year old hen went through her first molt last month. She had a really hard time. had trouble walking(keeping balance) and my chickens attacked her tail and created a hole. I separated her and have her inside with me. She is now up(after 3 days) and walking around with no problem. She is eating good now and drinking a lot. But her poop is almost nothing but water. What can I do to help harden it up before I put her back out with the chickens and her sister.
I would think that it could just be stress and more water intake than solid feed. Or the stress has broken down her natural immunities and left her unable to fight off either cocci or worms. Does she feel thin? Feel her keel bone, is it protruding? Have you wormed her lately?
she is not thin she is around 39lbs. she lost a little weigh while she was molting but as gained it all back. and she is very spoiled she spent all last winter inside with us because of an injury. I treat all my girls monthly and ACV weekly. She seems healthy and is all over the place but I can't let her out of her cage as much as I would like to do to the diarrhea. she does go to the newspapers to do her business but sometimes that's not enough.
What are you worming her with? You do it monthly? Too much protein in the diet can cause watery poop. Otherwise, I would give it a few days to see if any improvement.
She is a white BB. I have been doing it monthly because of all the rain and the water from my neighbor, who also has chickens, that runs right into there run. I've had to do it monthly because of roundworm in several of my chickens. this summer. I will reduce her protein and see if that helps. thank you.
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