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  1. SusanD

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    Is the occasionally very watery (as in need to mop it up with a paper towel) poop normal in hot weather?
  2. perchie.girl

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    If its very stinky thats normal. look up Cecal poo. its very healthy.... Chicken digestion is an amazing thing.

    they make one in about every eight or so poops. ALL the time not just an environmental influence

    Their digestion is dependent on the aid of bacteria in residence within a cecal pouch. You might spot a chicken taking a taste of it as well. which is a way to reinoculate themselves with the proper bacteria soup.

    Horses will do the same thing... eat a little poo now and then. they too depend on digestion aided by a cecum.

    and if you are wondering... No chickens don't urinate like mammals.... you will see a poo now and then that is partially white. That's urea deposited on top.

  3. SusanD

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    Thanks for the reply. What I was seeing wasn't especially stinky and looked more like water with a small amount of brown stuff. I will post a picture if I can.

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