wattering chicks


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
i have 2 a a half month old chicks and im going on vachaction my nabor is watching them but she cant be there for two days and there waterer only last 1 day will they bee ok for a day or should i find somone else too it is 85 degrees.
maybe put out more than one waterer? A dog bowl, dish pan, something. put it up on a brick or something so they can't walk in it. They are growing so fast, you don't want them to go without water for that long, especially in those temps.
Definitely don't let them go without water for that long. Double or triple up on waterers just to be safe. Just make sure that if you use an open container that should they get into it, it is shallow enough for them to get out of.
I always use two waterers, because one might fail. I have actually gone out there and it was like 90 or 100 degrees, and one of the waterers had leaked and was dry as a bone. But since I had another it was OK.

They need water at all times when it is light (they are awake).
When we used to go away for a couple of days, I always added an extra pan or two of water for the chickens. Just in case they tipped their water font over. I had a time when I arranged for someone to take care of my animals and they didn't, so I'm always paranoid about that, too. I like to have them set up so that they'll still be alive when I get home, no matter what someone did or didn't do.

I also leave a paper with a few notes on it. People can seem to be listening and think they understand, then after you get home they tell you they couldn't remember something. Now after I get home, they usually all say they appreciated the information I left.

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