Wattle development


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
Hi all. Can anyone help me with a query on my nearly 6-week old Rhode Rock? She has a small, light pink/cream comb, but has started this week to develop the beginnings of a red wattle. At this age, does that mean Nigella might be a Nigel instead?!?!
Could be - it depends how fast and how red it is. The best way to tell would be to compare it to another of the same breed if you have one. That makes it a lot easier. Also, roosters typically have longer tails and are less scary.
Not sure what a Rhode rock is (combo RIR, PR?) but ours are all hens and have waddles and combs that look like roos. Here are a couple of our BPR at 7-8 weeks. See the red comb and wattle? Looked very rooish for a while.

Thanks both. Think Rhode Rocks are a cross between RIR and Black Rock? I only have one of this breed which makes it difficult to compare - tail also looks longer than my others but with them being a different breed it reall might not mean much! Guess I hav to wait a fe more weeks?

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