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Jul 20, 2014
Our drake has done it again! Every other week he trips or falls off something (he's extremely clumsy, and very big, being part pekin and part cayuga) and managed to hurt his leg. This time it's been going on for several weeks and hasn't healed on its own so I managed to catch him (well, he went up to me trying to pick a fight since he thinks he's a bad boy) and found his left knee is TWICE the size of his right. His leg is normal otherwise, and no sign of bumblefoot. No heat in the join, either, just VERY swollen.

I've read about epsom salt baths. I've read about aspirin but not sure how to use it.

The situation is peculiar. We cannot separate him because he freaks out when he can't see his ducks, and we can't separate him with one/two of the females because the rest of them will freak out without seeing him. And so on. Too hot to leave them in all day so he can heal (and wouldn't be very nice since the weather's been great).

I need to find a solution that works. He isn't a 'friend' duck. He kicks and kicks and struggles constantly when I pick him up. Can the leg be wrapped with something soaked in epsom salt temporarily (if I could get it on) overnight to help with healing? Baths would be troublesome as we'd be holding his head so he can't drink AND holding him so he can't escape. And of course, keeping the other ducks out of it.

As far as anything we could feed him (certain herbs have anti-inflammatory components) what do you recommend? We have no vet in the state, honestly, that deals with ducks (one place will for a 300 dollar exotic fee) so getting a prescription painkiller will be out of the question. :(

Any advice is appreciated. And how do I get this darned drake to stop hurting himself? I've never seen a more clumsy duck. He falls off his own females when mating, frequently. Sometimes, he can't even mate at all because all he does is fall off!

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Only problem with pain meds is they make you forget your injured so resting is the best solution along with water therapy. I do use Turmeric in my birds Fermented feed to alleviate any inflammation. As long as you allowing him to continue to run around it is going to take longer to heal. Nutritional yeast is another natural I use I sprinkle on their feed daily and all of mine are adults but once in a while I'll have one limping . @Amiga rec T relief I haven't ever used it but she says it is good so I believe that might be worth trying.

If your drake is Pekin then maybe look at his weight too. Pekins seem to have more trouble with their legs in general [they grow so fast] and eat like pigs so over weight can be a factor as well. You may want to consider instead of free feeding just feeding several times a day like mornings and evenings especially if your flock free ranges and is eating all day. Some only feed in the PM if their flocks are free ranging all day.


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Feb 27, 2015
We have done the Epsom soak for inflammation and they help a lot. Also turmeric and oregano in their food. We also keep vetricyn spray on hand and spray injured areas with that. you might try it on his leg in case there is a small cut. the Epsom soak is probably your best bet though. we have done it in the duck yard so they weren't separated. We just brought out hot water, made up the soak and stuck them in it. You could make a penned area so he has to stay the soak but can still see others?


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Turmeric in the food may help. T Relief is a topical ointment that seems to help my ducks recover. I would give him vitamins and probiotics once a week in his water. A simple enclosure inside their enclosure can keep him restrained but still with his flock. I do that for Rowena at night right now fue to a hock joint injury we are treating..

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