We are a chick free home !!! They moved to outside.

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9 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Easton, Massachussetts
The 6 girls have moved to the coop outside.
They seem to spend 60% of the time in the coop.
They run around and dig in the sand in the run, but like to lay down in the coop.
Will they grow out of this or is it normal?
From my experience, they'll get more and more comfortable out in their run over the next few days/weeks. They'll end up sun bathing out there and taking dust baths. Mine spend equal time inside and outside but it really all depends on where the sun is :) They follow it around the coop all day long.
Our girls are 5 wks this Friday. we have 2 Silkies and 5 standard chicks. They spend all day out in the sun playing in a play pen so to speak BUT are brought in at night to the house.. Hoping to move them outside soon.
What are are yours?
We got our chicks from the Tractor Supply in Taunton Mass.
3 white females
3 red females
When they get most of there feathers i post with can you guess what they are.
I think Road Island Reds and Tetra Tints
We will see.;)


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