We are in our first LOCKDOWN EEEEK*Pics and Video link*LAST UPDATE


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We are in our first lockdown in our home made incubator!!
We candled all of them tonight and everyone is moving, veiny and mostly dark. A little worried about the air sack on a couple but set them air end up..

We got 17 mixed up eggs (we have noooo clue what kind of chickys they are), 18 days ago and set 16 of them. 1 had a huge crack on day 1, 1 was not fertile, 1 I dropped
early on, and one got dropped at day 15
. So we have 13 all moving around and

Now I will go
for the next 3 days.
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So tonight is the 21st day in the incubator and I am going
. With all the horror stories I have been reading with bad hatches I want to check my eggs so bad to see if they are still alive in there.
But I have been a good girl and havent opened the bator up at all
I am so
for this hatch we have had some ups and downs with heat and humidity:rant. So I am sure today and tonight I will be a wreck....LOL

Tonight will be 22 days and this morning we got our first PIP
! I finally heard the little one make a peep too! I am so hopeful that even just a few make it. On a side note this is one I marked with a green pen on day 14 because when I candled it, it looked like it had stalled out. SO

Now to
Good luck !

I woke up to 3 pips this morning. Killing me being at work all day. I hope to have some when I get home tonight.

keep the humidity up! they need the extra water in the air.
do you all think using an incubator/brudder is better than having the hen sit on them till they hatch? It is cold in Bosotn still anbd I am unsure what do do and unsure how olld my fertile eggs are. I candeled last friday and saw dark spots and a few veins...
I have no idea about this so I figured I shuld just nature takes its ourse but with the cold wetaher and all...very unsure!
can anyone suggest what I should do?
Thank you!
Best to just let the hen manage. She knows what to do. If however she loses interest & abandons the eggs you should be prepared to bring them into the incubator.
My one pip has turned into a Zip..Still only one...this is soo sloowww
LOL But still fun to watch the little one move the egg and answer me when I talk to it.
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