We built it and ... They FINALLY went in...!

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  1. DawnB

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    Well. We're 95% done on our coop...it took 2 nights of catching and shoving chickens into the pop door, but they finally got the hint and all of them went in tonight on their own! YAY! [​IMG] 'Cause Rocky Balbo ain't got nuthin' on me...all he caught was 1 measly chicken...try 15 (w/ 3 roos!) in the dark and in the rain...!

    Here's a pic of the coop with the ramp and run. I have added the cleats on the ramp...just haven't gotten around to getting a pic. Now, if we could just convince the ducks and goose to go up and in. Oh well, I'll figure something out...[​IMG] Next spring, we'll get some siding for the coop, but it's buttoned up pretty tight. Oh, and there is (a ton) of chicken wire/hardware cloth surrounding the pop door...you just can't see it in the pic from my vantage point on the porch.


    The inside...


    My make-shift egg boxes. These ladies were used to laying in the dirt outside. So, instead of making nice next boxes that won't get used...I figured I'd make some temp ones and see if they get the hint! [​IMG]

  2. kreagerm

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    Feb 11, 2012
    Wow it only took them 2 nights, that's pretty good, congrats on the new home!!!!
  3. GatsbysGirl

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    May 19, 2011
    Central Illinois
    We are on night 3 of our new coop and they still get shoved in every night and placed on the roost so I'm jealous!
  4. DawnB

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    @GatsbysGirl...My flock is a new addition to me, but they are an older batch of chickens. 1-2yrs old. I just think that they got sick of me chasing them around in the dark...and they took the hint. haha.

    I do have one roo (who's on the bottom of the roo totem pole) who still likes to hang out outside, but he's got the ducks and goose to keep him company. But the ducks are getting curious and have adopted the "porch" out the pop door as their new hang-out place. Now I just gotta get the goose to scoot up the ramp (but I'm not holding my breath!) [​IMG]

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