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    We can make a few changes to help ourselves,I think any how.
    It comes to my attention that the people that are on the county animal control board are city people.
    I am thinking that Us country folks need to step up & get some say in the county & city ordinances . I say that if I get on the board that I would help to pass laws to allow chickens in a limited amount according to lot size.
    What I am saying LETS ALL run or try and get appointed to positions of importance where we live.
    I think That I will try and get on.
    please let me know who else is going to take the world back from the city people(or city thinking people)
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    Sep 9, 2008
    SE MO
    Great idea. I recently discovered that my county (quietly) passed some irrational breed specific ordinances. I'll be involved the next time there is an opening. I don't have any of the banned dogs, but there were kids crying and families scrambling to find out- of -county homes for their pets. NOT okay.
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    we can not expect to keep animals and not protect our rights any more. Just sitting back and belly aching is not an option any more. excuses= I don't have time, to far to drive, no one listens.....WELL, the anti keeping people are in the Govt. AND getting there way , knocking you and your rights out. GO TO TOWN & make a differance.[​IMG]
    Lets see who is # 1 to take a seat .I am in the running already.
    lets see how mant BYC members can get involved Some one make a list. I am shure we have some alread in to start with
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    Well, I totally see your point, and I completely agree with you too, but you might get further if you try not to present your platform in a manner that pits “city” people against “country” people. There must be at least one “city” person in your community who agrees with you and you’ll get much further with a coalition of diverse and like minded people than you will by doing an "us" against "them" position.

    Stick to the issues and avoid labels – labels just make people angry. We saw plenty of that right here on BYC during the presidential campaign!

    Just my 2 cents,
  5. DLS

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    Quote:Ok lets get going & save the flock.[​IMG]
  6. HeatherHillary

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Portland OR
    Quote:Well, I'm trying to change the bylaws in Surrey BC to allow normal city lot hens, and I have applied to the city council's agricultural advisory committee. Wish me luck.

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