We could sure use a friendly hen or two if you have excess?

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    Oct 8, 2013
    We live in South Austin and cherish our chickens. Sadly a concatenation of bad luck recently left us with only one lovely young hen and her anxious daddy Copper Maran; of the previous adult Aracauna hens one got scooped up by a big hawk and one died a graceful death of old age. Young hen sure would like some sisters, if only to give Daddy Bird more hens to protect and stop him following her all day. I'd much rather adopt some grown ladies rather than start with peeps again- we're a bit peeped out after the last hatching which netted us many many roos and only one little girl. Roos went to good homes, where they ought to be excellent flock warders, having been carefully hand raised.

    Does anyone in the area have a couple more hens than they really wish they had? I'd gladly pay a few dollars apiece, ten? 20? to take a few off your hands and expand the backyard flock. They have excellent safe henhouses at night, enclosed run roofed by grape arbor, plus plenty of free range time daily in the fenced half acre back yard. We guarantee them a well cared for life, and keep all our hens no matter whether they are still laying-- we try for a mixed age flock, some young, some mature, some elderly, and take good care of them their whole lives. We can send pics of chicken houses, range, etc, or welcome you to visit if you might consider letting a few hens move to our place :) Then poor Solo Hen would not be so sad always trying to come in the back door and join the people on the sofa for a nice preen (which we give her of course)


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