We got eggs, and Runt is a hen!


11 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Buckley, Wa
My flock started laying last week. The first eggs come from my BR Pebbles.

I have an EE named Runt and there was some discussion on whether she was a boy or girl. Two days ago I saw Runt sitting in a nesting box which was strange since the flock was out and about. I checked back 40 min later and there was a warm light brown egg! So happy! I was sure it would of been my other EE Spaz since she is older. Im ok that Runt lays brown eggs they all taste the same :)

I have 7 hens total 4 of them EEs its going to be fun the see what color eggs we get. Take care


the egg she laid

Yay Runt! Love the light brown egg! My RSL lay dark brown eggs and I get white eggs from the leghorns. Some of my sister-in-law's chickens lay green eggs. Good luck!

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