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We used this site through Donorschoose, but it is open to the public and schools to buy from:
If you put in the product numbers you will see what we are getting and you might see a few things you can use too, whether you are a teacher, home schooler, or just someone who uses what they offer. We have had a great success with them.
The product that link goes to promises a lot of fun sewing,, we are getting 2000 little quilting triangles and squares!

Nasco Item # Qty Status
Fun Print Quilts – Royal Blue WA26520H

Mathematical Quilts: No Sewing Required! TB18110

Fun Print Quilts – Neon Pink WA26519H

Quilt Mosaics SN02737C

Nasco’s Pot Holder Kit – A Class-Size Kit WA05420H

Student Starter Kit WA26033H
Mathematical Quilts Posters – Set of 4, 17" x 22" TB18093
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That site has some great stuff on it. The Quilt Mosaic sets have 1000 pieces in each one, I think they are mostly triangles that make into a 1 1/2 inch square.
Oh I may have to get us some for my youngest to do a school project!! Thanks for the site link!!!

It's great, I first used it when I was home schooling Steven, you just can't beat everything they have.
We got our materials they are great! Unfortunately the person on the phone told me the 1000 piece ones were fabric, they aren't they are heavy paper so we will use them for math quilting on paper! But other than that they are great. The quilt kits have the fabric, backing, needles, thread everything! The pot holder kit comes with the fabric, batting, terry cloth, needles, thread, even baggies to put all the kits together in! Wait until I take pics of everything to show you, you're going to love it!
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