We have 2 cockerels and i posted them both on this site, people are saying these are the same breed


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Aug 19, 2013
This is the first one

And the second one

None of these are giants, they are both medium sized. I have been told by this website they are australorp but the breeder says the second one is a Black Maran.
Do I see some feathers on the legs of the second one? If he has any feathers down there, even just places where the feathers have mostly worn off, he's Marans. A good Marans will have five points on the comb, btw. Not having five points doesn't mean he's not Marans, but you'd lose points in a show.

I do think they are different breeds based on the feathers on the legs and different comb on the second bird. But let me know if the "feathers" on the legs were just a blip in the pic.
If both of them have no feathers on their legs, then I would say that both are Black Australorps. They have black plumage, single combs, and blackish legs, which are all characteristics of Australorps. If the second one has feathers on its legs, though, it is probably a Marans.

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