We have a chick! He has an issue.


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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I went into lockdown Saturday morning after one final turn. Last night around 10 the first egg had a small hole in it, the chick chirping away. This morning at 3 I got up to check and it was completely hatched. :) Looks like a dark gray/black silkie. (We have 5 misc bantam eggs, so we don't know what we are getting.)
It is having a bit of a problem standing, though. Seems his legs don't want to cooperate. They aren't splayed out at the sides, the toes look straight, but he can't seem to get up on them. Is there anything particular I should do or just give him time? Oh, and they are on paper towel.
There is another egg with a small hole this morning - they are chirping back and forth. :) Can't wait to see what it is, as it is a different color egg.
So excited!!! I didn't expect hatching until tomorrow or later.
Well, he is standing well now so I guess he just needed a little time. He is not a silkie though, as he has 4 toes. Lots of feathers and his feet are light colored.
A second chick has now hatched, too. He is dark colored also, and it looks like he has 4 toes and feathering but his feet are black. :)

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