We have chicks! Loving them! But one has a little injury. Pics!


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Mar 8, 2010
Well we are now chicken people!
Our 11 new babies are in the brooder and are the cutest little things ever. We have 5 Easter Eggers, 3 Light Brahmas, and 3 Black Australorps. The EEs are girls, but the others were not sexed. How long until we find out if we have roos?

The woman I bought them from was great and she and I both checked over the chicks as the kids picked them out, but one has a little owie that slipped by. She has a spot on the back of her neck that his fuzz-less. The skin is exposed maybe a centimeter long. It isn't infected or oozing or bleeding. It looks fine. She is vigorous and eating and drinking and otherwise totally normal. Is this anything to worry about or address in any way?
And is there a good way to keep their bedding out of their water? Can I put it up off the bedding a few inches on a little block or something?

Here they are!

This is my daughter holding Nellie, one of only three who have names. She is already a favorite and is one of our Light Brahmas.


Here they are climbing all over each other to eat. They seem to really have fun climbing on the feeder and jostling for position as queen-of-the-hill!


So cute.


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Aug 3, 2009
As long as they can reach the waterer, it really helps to elevate it a bit. Of course, they kick like NFL place kickers so there will be some shavings in there anyway.
As far as the bare spot goes, as long as it looks OK and not bleeding and the others aren't picking at it, it's probably OK-just keep an eye on it.
Congrats on your adorable babies!

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Apr 20, 2008
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What I did was take a plastic coated weight from our weight bench and placed the waterer on that. All my other ones are on the large cement bricks now but those will be to big for the babies for a while.

Just wait unitl they start playing king of the waterer! LOL then the pooy water starts
I took care of that also but taping a piece of flimsy cardboard (made into a dome) onto the top of the waterer OR getting another bottle and taping that one to the bottom one to make it double tall

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