We Lost 3 Baby Chicks


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6 Years
Apr 9, 2013
New Tazewell, TN
3 of our babies were drowned because of all the rain we have had in East TN the past few days. I am heart broken over them. It included our tiniest chick that we named Thumbalena. :( We are going to get some more but I know these 3 will not be replaced. I'm praying that noone else has babies drown in the rising waters. :(
Sorry for your loss!

That's so sad! I'm sorry for your losses.

We positioned the coop where it's on a slope so water doesn't collect. The low areas were ponds but the chickens were high and dry. If you can't move the chickens, perhaps you can modify the coop? Jack it up and add cinder blocks so it's on a taller foundation or something?
Oh I am so sorry! We lost chicks recently and I know what you mean about them not being replaced. Hugs to you!

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