We started our coop!!! They MOVED IN!!! PHOTOS

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  1. Just wanted to share the first part of our coop building.

    OK got photos resized now it is on "My Page "

    They moved in last night! Well, into the house part of it. I am sure they will be much happier out of our laundry room sink.

    We still have to add the wire for the run, finish up the roofing of it, and I have to clean up some of my paint messes on it as well as paint the underside of the run roof. Other then that we got it done!!

    After we build our house addition we will have power out to the coop so then we will add in a light in the house and we are talking about lights in the run as well.

    Oh, and we will also have water pipes run to the coop as well.

    You will also see more photos of the coop as well as some better details/explanations on my "Website" link!! I will be working on adding that to my page today!!




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    Apr 11, 2007
    Worked fine for me.....you just have to click on chicken coop at the top.... looks good!!
  3. Good to know it's working Newchickenmom&kids .

    I only know how to work Photobucket logged into my account and even then I am not sure most of the time:D.

    Pictures are from last week we just spent this weekend REALLY working on it. I just have to down load the photos off of my camera so I can post them up.

    I am so glad it is almost done my poor chicks are outgrowing their laundry room sink!!!
  4. Do I look like a chicken

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    Well, the slide show doesn't seem to work, but if you click on the Chicken Coop link at the top of the page, you can see the individual pics. Looks good.

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    Your coop is awsome. A small person could make that their house! Mine is very primitive compared to yours. Once mine are outside maybe I will "upgrade" some of their house. Nice job!
  6. Quote:Yep, that is my problem. It works GREAT when I am logged into my account, not so when I am logged out and click on the link. I do know that this AM photobucket was doing some maintenance work...
  7. Quote:LOL my two youngest are in it ALL THE TIME!!! Worked out great for me though I had them paint the inside of the coop this weekend.

    They will however start school tomorrow with primer in their hair [​IMG]
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    looks good, it did not work as a slide show. but when i clicked chicken coop there were alot of photos there.
  9. Quote:Thanks!! I now have the photos posted on "my Page" as well.
  10. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    Quote:Thanks!! I now have the photos posted on "my Page" as well.

    well i like that better [​IMG] you gave a story to explain it all!
    keep us updated on where it goes or should i say "grows" from here, lol!

    edited to say: we started out with 1 rooster, and nine chickens. we added two peacocks, then five more chickens!
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