Weak after fowl pox, clicking beak and twitching eyes?

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  1. Sare bear

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Delta, BC
    Im so confused, my hen has vision back in both eyes after pox....all scabs are gone and now shes experiencing weird behaviour. Anyone else notice odd recovery from this...she is off antibiotics after the last eye cleared of white puss...possibly had respiratory infection as well. Her breathing is normal now, I have her confined to a tote as she cant stand or sit very well. I know she lost a lot of weight but she should be eating one her own and wont touch a thing unless its through a syringe that I drip feed her with. I had a 2" thick branch for her to try and perch on and get some strength back but she flaps and teeters off it. im feeding a blend of grass, blueberry, 18% feed, scrambled eggs, yogurt and electrolytes. Now its 2 am and shes clucking and wide awake? The beak clicking is not for food....please help ??

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