Weak and Wobbly 5 day old bantam chick


5 Years
Mar 22, 2014
Hello, I am looking for help with our 5 day old d'uccle bantam chick. This morning he was acting normal, moving around the brooder, happy cheeping. This afternoon we went in to check on them and he was lethargic, weak, and isn't able to stand on his own. He will sit on his butt then tip over backwards. We dipped his beak in the water and he shakes it off and doesn't seem to swallow it. He also looks pale to to me. Any thoughts, ideas, help or suggestions on what we can try would be great appreciated. Thank you!
Mix up some electrolytes for his water. (do a thread search. there are plenty of recipes.) I'd add a bit more sugar. Poultry Nutri-drench is a wonderful product that IMO is your best chance to bring him out of this. (try to get him to swallow a couple of drops) In spite of all you do, he may just be a chick that will not survive.

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