Weak chick from feed store


Aug 5, 2018
I have a weak chick. I am giving her nutritional supplement and water every 20 min. I have given her a few bites of cooked egg yolk. When I put her back in the brooder she stands a bit then lays over. As long as she's in my bra, she chirps. I want to put her in a bandana around my neck so I can rest. Can anyone show me how with pics. Google is of no help. Thank you.
I don't have pictures, but have done it. I just fold the bandana in on two opposing points. Fold two opposing points into the middle, and then fold again in half, then tie it around your neck so it makes a hammock shape that the chick won't fall out of. If that is too large, then fold the points in a second time before folding in half. Fiddle with it until it works. I also give them raw egg yolk mixed in water as well. I alternate with plain fresh water.

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