Weak duckling #3 Can I save this one???

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    Aug 11, 2011
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    I ordered a number of ducklings and of the 13 I ordered, 3 were slower growing than all the others, and one by one they went from healthy and happy to weakening and eventually dying in spite of hand feeding, isolation, and even force feeding. Today is day 11 and my last "runt", who was keeping up with all the other ducks just fine this morning (if only half their size) has a bright eye, but seems extremely weak. She won't get up and walk around, and can barely hold her head up. Any suggestions to bolster her fortitude in an attempt to save her?

    Should I alert the hatchery that all the ducks I ordered of a certain breed (because they were indeed, all the same) appear to be having development issues? All the chicks I ordered were different variants of campbell ducks, so their development shouldn't be *that* different.
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