weak gosling


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Aug 7, 2017
Medicine Hat, AB., Canada
Hi Everyone,
need a little help with a newly hatched gosling. He/she didn't pip all the way out - after 8 hours my husband became worried as the pip was not any bigger than before.
Anyway, little guy is out and seems to be 'what I think is weak' as he is not up on his feet. He is 7 hours old now. I have given him water , offered him food but he is not interested in it. What do I do?

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Oct 3, 2009
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Was the yolk absorbed if so they can go 2-3 days before they want to eat. If you have some Nutri drench you could try dribbling some along the bill but don’t force it to drink. And waterfowl take along time to hatch 8 hrs is nothing when they can take up to 48 hrs from internal pip to external pip.

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