Weak legs in polish

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12 Years
Apr 28, 2008
South Lyon, Michigan
I have an approx. 5-6 month old buff laced polish that we thought was just lazy....she'd rest on her hocks when she ate at the feeder. Never seemed to have a problem getting around and often see her running the yard. In the last few days, she's been especially weak although still eating and drinking. It's like her long legs are too weak to support her. Any ideas? They are eating GMO free Kalmbach layer crumbles and are given salt free canned corn and yogurt as a snack. Also get BOSS in the morning. Thanks for any help in advance:)
Get some poultry vitamins with electrolytes or vitamins with minerals to start in the water or food. Vitamins deficiency should always be ruled out in leg and foot problems. Hot weather, being kept from water or feed, or dehydration should be considered as well.

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