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    Aug 18, 2012
    My buffs are almost two years old and have been laying since July 2012. Have seen them go through the molting process, with slow egg production. But right now I have one that seems to have a weak shell on her eggs. I feed them a good quality crumble that the feed store says has oyster shell in it. Is it ok to give them extra oyster shell? Enquiring minds want to know.:cd
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    Yep, it's best to set up a small separate feeder for the oyster shell. The hens will consume some when they need it. Older hens require the extra calcium because of the constant laying. 50lb bags at the feed mill are very reasonable...I always wash and dry my egg shells as we use them, then smash them up and feed them back with the oyster shell. Egg shells are almost 100% calcium, so why waste them? good luck

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    Nov 19, 2013
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    I have a araucana who is laying blue eggs. Lately I have been noticing that some eggs are misshapen and rough. I offer oyster shell and grit free choice. What could be up?
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    Rough eggshells can be caused by dehydration, a disease or even a change in the lighting in your coop. Possibly if the egg was held over in the uterus for an extra day, the shells can become rough. As long as the hen is not constantly laying eggs with rough shells, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Clinton, Connecticut
    Thanks! Just before winter we moved them into the larger barn with our older hens. After the adjustment period things have been going good. With this exception of course. She doesn't seem to have any other issues and even in the cold weather we provide fresh unfrozen water.

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