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Oct 26, 2015
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Hello all! I recently had a hatch of 12 Magpie ducklings. They all hatched over a 3 day period. The last 5 were in desperate need of assisting. 2 were at the wrong end, and 3 were not zipping. 1 of the ones that did was at the wrong end is doing great. 1 of the wrong Enders died. The 3 that didn't zip have been moved to the brooder. They have a little bit of gunk on them, and they didn't dry properly. They have been separated from the other 9 as they have a little bit of trouble getting around. I have them some sugar water which seemed to perk them up a little. I tried washing one of them up, and then blow drying it, but it just went back to the same. What should I do to help them gain strength? They are quite a bit smaller than the others, but that may be because they are younger. Is there a way to get them dry and fluffy? Sorry for the long and confusing post. Here is a picture or two.
Yes, but why do it now when they are weak? No harm in waiting a few days, right?

Def get the Nutri Drench give them tiny drops right in the bill. Give them a few days hopefully they will be good and fluffed up and ready to be with the rest.

Adorable lil ones :love
Is there anything else I can do for them, until I am able to get nutridrench?

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