Weak yolks?

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    I can't seem to crack any of my bantam cochins eggs without breaking the yolk. I don't know if its me or if the yolks are weaker than the other girl's eggs. Her eggs are pretty small and the shell and that inner membrane are pretty tough so I could just be too rough when I am breaking them but I didn't used to have that problem. Is that a sign of her needing something? Or a sign that she has enough calcium since her shells are so thick? Also, her shells are almost completely white with a tinge of pink. I saw another thread about this so I know I am not alone, but I don't know if this is a sign of a lack of something also.

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    Eggs with "weak" yolks are usually not related to the hen at all, but rather an issue of handling after the egg has been laid. If you store them at a higher temperature then the yolks get weak such as if you leave them out on the counter rather than storing them in the fridge. Another reason for the yolks to be weak is if the egg is old. The older the egg the weaker the yolk. And lastly, the age of the bird affects the yolk quality. Older birds lay weaker eggs.

    A pink tinge to the shell is likely a genetic thing and nothing to be alarmed about.

    Hope this helped. Good luck.

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