weasle in the hen house as I type


8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
killed 3 chx over night. We thought we found its entry poinyt and blocked it off, but just heard them squaking and went out only to catch it's tail end going out of sight again. dh is out there now trying to figure out something...any suggestions?
the snap rat traps work so do 55/110 conibears baited with a little bit of chicken livers if you google weasel box there are a coupla good links that show how to catch them good luck
When you feel the need to call someone a weasel there's a reason for it. Weasels are the sneakiest, craftiest and houdiniest varmits there is. They can squeeze through the smallest opening and destroy so much and they laugh while they are doing it// ( sounds like most politicians)

Snap traps, snares or a glue board are usually the best ways to get them. Either way, you HAVE to dispatch the little bugger, or He'll come right back no matter where you put em. Problem is, eliminate one, two fill in his place..
I've had very good luck with glue boards.. You can go to a local do it yourself pest control place or maybe Ebay or Amazon and get bulk glue in a tub/bucket.. scoop/pour, or with a soapy gloved hand dole out a measure about 2 cups onto a 1/4 sheet of ply wood. plunk an egg or a piece of fresh raw chicken.. necks work great, in the middle.. make sure there's at least 12" of glue spread out from the center.. When the weasel goes to grab it he gets stuck in the glue and as he rolls and wipes the stucker he gets.. It's a toturous way to catch something, but sometimes it's the only means.. Once you have him.. youll have to throw the board upside down in a lake or using a shovel to scrape the whole mess off theb board, drop him in a trash can full of water to drown him, OR whack his head.. or shoot him then.
You'll nee d to make sure your own animals can't get near the board.
Weasels sometimes don't fall for traps, or if you're out there with a jacklight and rifle, sometimes they are too fast a target to shoot cleanly.
You have to snare or glue them. Ferrets are the same way.. they're lighting fast and bendy twisty in their movements..
I know this will start a heavy bunch of comments, but Yes, it IS a wild animal that is NOT welcome.. taking chicks and eggs and prone to bring his friends, family and neighbors to the new buffet he found. Gotta stop that slap in its tracks..
What about a small Hav-A-Hart baited with something stinky like tunafish? Or anchoves or wet cat food?

I find it's important to make a little "trail" leading into the trap.

The YouTube videos on how to use Hav-A-Hart traps are highly recommended.
then you have to dispatch it they are kin to skunks and mink, otter, they will spray you when you get close it is not as bad as a skunk but you won't forget the smell all kind of traps can work but them crawling through the hole on the "weasel box" is part of why it works

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