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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rammy, Apr 27, 2011.

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    It might just be me, but it seems as we draw closer to 2012 and lining up with the Dark Rift, that it seems we have had weather becoming more and more severe. There have been several devestating Tsunami's triggered by massive earthquakes. There have been alot of earthquakes that have topped recorded history of them. We have had alot of bad thunderstorms that have generated record number of tornadoes, pics of which MFB has posted on his thread showing the devestation at his house. Dont you think its odd that it seems the weather has been getting worse as we draw closer to this once in a lifetime event? I dont think that its going to wipe us out or anything, but I wonder if its somehow related? Thoughts?


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    Oct 21, 2009
    Bunk. Horse Feathers. What Are People Going To Talk About In 2013?? The End Is Near, It Always Was.
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    I agree Minnesota. Weather is cyclical. Always has been, always will be. We are currently in weather pattern that is bringing storms to certain areas and drought to others. Hurricane season starts in a month, I am sure we will have several strong storms throughout the summer....we always do.
    Tsunamis and earthquakes have been occuring on this earth for millions of years. They arent going to stop just because we are in the way now.
    Its all part of the earths processes that will continue to effect everything and everyone on the planet.

    Why do so many jump at the idea of the end of days and latch onto it? I dont understand.

    Many will say its a sign from God of the second coming, but if you read your Christian history and the New Testament you will realize that many of the early believers in the church thought Jesus was going to come back in their lifetimes, he did not. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, many Christians took it as a sign of the end of the world.... it was not.
    Many thought it was the end of days at the beginning of the First World War, during the Depression, the global conflict of World War II...again, it wasnt. My point is, there are global events, political, social and environmental that happen each and every day of our lives. Matter of fact they were happening before we were born and will continue after our passing. Perhaps its part of our desire to think that "our time" is more special than any other time that humans have been around. I have trouble understanding the rationale. I am not trying to offend with any of this either, if you have answer or a theory..please post it.
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    Quote:Yep! Very true! [​IMG]

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    Quote:What is the Dark Rift? Sounds ominous. Should I be digging a bomb shelter or something?
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    Oct 20, 2008
    The Dark Rift is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and The Earth will all be lined up with it. It only happens once every 26 thousand years. If your in an area where you can see the Milky Way at night, you will see a dark area in the middle. You can look it up on Google, Im sure, and get more information. This was just a thought that occured with me. Just speculation.
    So, do you think the White Sox will win the Series in 2013?
    There ya go, Royd. [​IMG]


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