Weee 4 Newbie's


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Well so far I have hatched 4 egg's out of the One giant frizzle hen's Egg's I found in creek bed.I think 2 more are hatching also.I lost about half due to hen and I know one had rotted .Just feel lucky I found the egg's when I did.They are so chubby and cute.The 3 are still drying out.Maybe tomm. I can get a pic of them.I got 4 duckling's all hatched this week too and just set them up their own sep. brooder today.My other Giant frizzle hen Claudia is still sitting and Sadie my silkie hen as well and they should be hatching anytime.I been keeping close check as it's been pretty chilly night's this week.
. I'm keeping Hope Up here still! Still hoping for miracle to keep house but if not someone will get some great looking bird's!

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