Week ducklings, please help.


Shay's Flock of Fun
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
in the wild, Mass
Hello, So yep I am new to ducks, i have some ducklings, they were fine , i had them on my porch with a light and coverd with a blancket.
well i did not realize how cold it got last night, I woke up to 1 dead, and a couple week.

I gav ethem food and water, when i went back to check on them maybe an hour later i found another 1 dead, and the others wet and cold, i brought them in put them in a fish tank with stronger light on them, they are up but a couple still look a bit week.

also i did have 4 other ducklings in with them but those 4 are way bigger than these. and look much more better.

what can i give the ducklings that would boost them up and make them better.

there poop looks normal, no nasel discharge, so i belive it was that they got wet and then with it being to chill outside they got week.

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