Week old Baby Golden Lace with Defects

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I have a baby chick I took home for Tractor Supply, where I work at. The baby was stuck in the corner of the box and seemed to be going down hill. I gave her water from a syringe and noticed her eye was shut as if she didn't have an eye. Along with that she couldn't walk her legs were out from under her and she has no toe nails on both of her long toes. I brought her home she started to eat and drink on her own and hobbles around. She now has stringy poop, it's brown by stringy. She still can't walk a week later. I have a bandaid brace on her and seems to help her get around, but she still hobbles around. She is a spunky little one who loves food, scramble eggs and drinks a lot. I have vitamins in her water and medicated food in her bowl. What can I do to help her walk again and get rid of the stringy poop. I've grown found of her and she's till going strong. Please help!
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    Here is a link to podiatry problems in chickens and chicks, and treatment for each.
    Also, I would probably be giving electrolites and probiotics in the water (save a chick).
    Depending on the issues the chick has, it may improve with vitamins and support. Vitamin deficiencies can cause all kinds of issues, and can start while inside the egg. Best of luck. The fact that the chick is eating and drinking is a very good sign.

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