Week old chick seizing?


9 Years
Mar 30, 2013
Our 6-day-old Laced Wyandott recently started seizing/twitching. We didn't notice it this morning, but this evening it started and seems to happen every 30 seconds or so. Video here:

Everything is normal, eating/drinking/activity level/poop.

The two other chicks aren't exhibiting any of the symptoms.
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Looks neural to me. You might try treating that chick with vitamin E, Selenium, and Vitamin B just in case you are lucky and it is a vitamin deficiency, which can happen if the egg were not sufficient in nutrients.

Otherwise, it looks like epilepsy. There is an epileptic seizure gene that can be inherited (it's recessive, so it would take both parents being carriers). I don't know a lot about it, other than what I can read. Apparently it is often light and heat induced. The chick may outgrow it...or it may be best to cull.

Of course also check for toxic metal exposure (lead or zinc...ie apple cider vinegar in a zinc coated metal waterer).

That's my immediate guesses.... @Wyorp Rock

I don't see anything wrong with giving vitamin therapy to see if it helps.
I'd give 400IU Vitamin E along with 1/4 tablet B-Complex and a little egg for the selenium.

Do make sure her crop is emptying as well. Some of the movement may be an exaggerated crop adjustment, is she smacking her beak?

I know most say chicks don't need grit if all they eat is chick starter, but I highly recommend providing chick grit free choice regardless of age or what they eat. Chicks are notorious for eating small bits of shavings and bedding which can be hard to process without grit.

Keep us posted.
Thank you both for the insight!

We started her on vitamins and let her go overnight to see how things progressed.
We haven't seen her do that seize-y thing since later that evening—so we're hopeful. Just assuming it was some sort of tick that she had when she adjusted her crop. It has resulted in us naming her "Twitch". :lol:

Overall, she seems good but tends to tire out pretty quickly, we're currently just chalking up to being kinda twitchy & runty. We'll continue vitamins & keep an eye on her and see how it goes!

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