Week Old Chick with Protruding Anus

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  1. malimom

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    Just got our 4 chicks on Friday and all seem to be well with the exception of one that is not growing as fast as the others. She also had poop sticking to her "bum" and when I gently wiped it off with a damp tissue it appears that the area around the anus is bulging...underneath the skin. The chick is eating and drinking but definitely is the runt of the group, although the others are not picking on her. Will this "bulging" disappear in time or it is something to be dealt with now? Thanks for your comments.
  2. dragonmorgan

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    Feb 25, 2012
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    could it just be swollen from the poop stuck on her butt?
  3. malimom

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    After reading a number of the posts on this subject we looked her over again and think she is impacted. Just gave her a little sits bath and will follow some of the suggestions done by others to hopefully relieve her. She's a stereotypical yellow chick (Buff Orpington) and her abdomen is bulging and dark. : ((
  4. Rena

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    Sep 30, 2011
    I had the same thing happen with one in a group of 10 I got last week. It would eat and drink but the vent was puffy, poking out and even bled slightly. Unfortunately my little one didn't make it and died the next day despite my efforts. The only thing I tried that seemed to help was Preparation H.. reduced the puffiness a lot and he had some normal poop after I applied it so I thought he was going to be okay, but I guess it wasn't enough. Hopefully yours is less severe and she turns out alright.
  5. malimom

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    Thanks, Rena. Appreciate your comments very much. I haven't had chickens since I was a child...so some of the memories are just now coming back about some of the complications that arise. We'll see how it goes tonight.
  6. malimom

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    Our "little one" is still hanging in there but it is not growing at all. It is eating and drinking some but not as much as the others...obviously. Does anyone know if this condition of being "impacted" can turn around on its' own or is this little chick simply doomed? It seems the chick would have to be making more progress with growth to beat this. : ((
  7. malimom

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    For the sake of readers following this particular thread, our little Buff Orpington DID survive. After about a weeks worth of a little tlc, diligent and very gentle attention to its' vent (warm water/petroleum jelly)with suggestions from this site and our reference book, "A Chicken in Every Yard" our little hen began to grow. We also introduced some pro-biotic powder to add to the chicks' water-- recommended by the feed store where we bought the chicks. She has now caught up with her four week old sisters and looks great!!

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